mDiamondz 1.0

Connect the diamonds to score points


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Three difficulty levels
  • High scores table


  • Graphics are very small
  • Annoying music

Very good

Logic games that involve forming lines from different colored pieces are nothing new but, as mDiamondz proves, they can still be highly addictive.

The object of mDiamondz is to make rows or columns of same-colored pieces by switching them around. There are two different game modes to tackle. In the first of these, KlikerZz, you must join a minimum of two diamonds together. The second game mode, SwaperZz, is a little trickier, as you need to create at least a trio of diamonds of the same color by swapping two pieces around.

Graphically, mDiamondz is very neat, although the pieces are very small, so you'll have to hold your mobile very close to your eyes. The techno music soundtrack quickly becomes annoying, as do the weird speech and flushing toilet sound effects.

Playing mDiamondz is very addictive and the challenge of getting rid of all of the diamonds on the board is a tough one. What's more, there are three different difficulty levels to try and crack.

mDiamondz is a good way to waste some time, as long as you can put up with the tiny graphics and annoying sounds.



mDiamondz 1.0

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